Writer: Mildred Opendi

Anyone with a keen eye for style must have noticed how certain trends from the 90s have been reintroduced today. The Fanny packs, neon clothes, biker shorts, polka dots, flared pants, turtle necks and so many more. The 80s were predominantly known for high fashion such as padded shoulder dresses and jackets but we notice the 90s had cooler, laid back, casual everyday kind of influx of clothes in the market. This era also ushered in the supermodels which highly contributed to popularizing the trends.

1. Flared Denim Trousers.
These fashionable unisex pants are back in full swing and are relatable to a wide scope ranging from teenagers to the older elegant people in touch with the latest fashion trends. The famous flared denim pants can either be dressed up as chic and elegant or dressed down as simple and casual. These can be accessorized with trendy heels, sandals or even sneakers. These exist in both high waisted and low cut versions. These can be worn with an oversized multicolored shirt, sweater or even just a plain good fitting T-shirt or even crop tops for the ladies.

2. The Polka Dotted
The Polka Dotted outfit trend is one of those few trends that are considered timeless. There is something quite elegant yet simple and chic about the polka dots. The style has started gaining popularity once again. Princess Diana is one of those pace setting icons that was famous for making public appearances in the polka dot outfit.

These are best accessorized with plain colored accessories (shoes and handbag) in order not to draw attention from the attire. The popular polka dot colors are White & Black or the White & Red. These usually come in dresses, skirts, and blouses

3. The multicolored/brightly clothes.
Color pop is back! Pairing brightly colored clothes together makes a bold fashion statement. These are unisex and cut across a wide scope. Neon colors would fall into this category. This may very well be my favorite of the bunch.

4. Boyfriend Jeans/ Mom jeans.
These two are slightly different although in the same neighborhood. These too can be dawned on as elegant and high fashion or dressed down as a comfortable casual look yet still look smart.

5. The Biker Shorts
The Biker Shorts is one of the most popular go-to fashion trends today for the middle-aged ladies. These were common in the 90s for the casual laid back cool look. Biker shorts are comfortable and commonly accessorized with sneakers, baggy t-shirts, crop tops.

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