Writer: Stella Anena

……….Hot, oh no… it scorches. Cold, I hate, hate freezing.
Oh the things the human lament about.
We never really understand until we embrace.
Embrace is acceptance, that lies in details.
The detail is derived from knowledge. Imperative knowledge.
I thirst for knowledge, my heart almost ekes out at this thirst.
But I know a book which spells in the simplest of forms that will not send you to slumber,
“ Knowledge of God is the beginning of wisdom .”

How mind blowing it is when you really think about nature.
It strikes you with intense imagination,
For me its the main determinants of questions,
what? When? Why? How?
But when it comes to weather, most times unintentionally, the first thought is, “But why?
Why is there so much coldness this morning?”
late in the night in my village, the heat is too much. Why?
I must say these are rather complaints but not questions.
Oh, and even in the stating,
once you hear the tone the statement is being uttered in,
surely, surely, innately it’s a thing of,
“if it were up to me, I would change this to this.”
But we never accept the fact that it’s not about us at all.
All we are and are about is of Him and for Him.
We have no rights. But just to live in His rights.

Stella Anena
Leah Grace Oketcho, is a highly talented Communication specialist, gifted in leadership with over 3 years of leadership and management experience at different levels. She is a team player and has demonstrated ability in mobilizing and organizing others to achieve desired goals. Oketcho is well vast in the art of creating alternatives for ways to get results. She has over the years grown in the art of corporate communications and also participated in the development of performance management materials for various professional institutions. Leah received training in research, scripting, international relations, and data analysis as well as public relations. She is passionate about solving public health related problems. She has offered training to youth in oral and written communication, people management and mentoring, editing and documentation skills, public speaking.


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