Writer: Leah Oketcho

If you have poured your heart and soul into it, it is worthy of an audience, an applause.

It is true that we have been raised in a world where it is prestigious to work a white collar job and have been conditioned to believe that the blue collar work only counts when you become a billionaire.

Funny enough though the so-called blue collar work is found in every “white collar” space. These contributions are what make the environment conducive for the white collar work to sufficiently take place.

Think about the person that gets to that law firm before everyone else to make sure the trash cans are empty or even the guy who empties the sink so you can have a cup of tea when you stumble in at 8:00am.

Someone must do the work.

You have a contribution to make. So if you are out there, selling a biscuit in a kiosk or a mask or even a plate of food: I would like to tell you that you are no different from the guys selling
Insurance or even the ones selling computers like the Apple company.

The only thing standing between the two of you is the size of the shop and possibly the ambience.

I mean a shopkeeper in kikuubo and an accountant at Sheraton hotel both balance books and visit the bank every so often. What does this tell you?

Here’s what you can do to make yourself exclusive. Start by Cleaning up your space no matter how small. Everyone loves a clean bill of air.

Suddenly you will attract even more customers.

Take the time to do skills training in customer care. It makes the difference.

Love your products. Sounds corny but works miracles. When you love your product, marketing it to customers will come naturally.

Know that your customers are human beings. I know it’s obvious, right? If you can relate with them with this in mind, you will be amazed.

Each client is an individual so you must handle them as such. It is definitely time consuming and can strain you. But it builds loyalty. Loyalty breeds growth and growth success.

You need to know that when a customer has a great experience, the client will spread the word. Can you imagine it? Absolutely free marketing.

If you are out there and white collar has been your dream line of work but you have so far spent most of your time is the blue collar: Guess what! You can make the switch without having to go back to school.

Why? Because you have a world of experience in interacting with potential clients. In many
ways you have even more field experience than the people in the offices.

Yours is hands on. All you need to do is package this experience and skill to suit the job you desire.

Don’t be scared by the fancy terms used in the corporate world. Even they seek results and if you can give results, you will be sought after.

Besides you don’t need a wall street office to have achieved success. You need RESULTS!

The bottom line is commitment and working smart.

Leah Grace Oketcho, is a highly talented Communication specialist, gifted in leadership with over 3 years of leadership and management experience at different levels. She is a team player and has demonstrated ability in mobilizing and organizing others to achieve desired goals. Oketcho is well vast in the art of creating alternatives for ways to get results. She has over the years grown in the art of corporate communications and also participated in the development of performance management materials for various professional institutions. Leah received training in research, scripting, international relations, and data analysis as well as public relations. She is passionate about solving public health related problems. She has offered training to youth in oral and written communication, people management and mentoring, editing and documentation skills, public speaking.



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