Writer: Kenneth Masereka

She leaves her master’s residence to find a private place to parturiate. Carelessly after kittening, she leaves the little ones and returns to her master’s home thinking they would follow her. When she gets home, she wonders why they couldn’t come along, shameless mother. In panic and fear, she tries to trace for the little ones and to find but none, Mother cat returns to her usual hide and seek life in her master’s home.

At dawn, the little cat finds herself in the middle of the City. Overwhelmed by the noises made by the moving objects, she gets puzzled and struck in wonder with her photographic eyes open wide for nothing like this had she ever seen before. With no idea what to do next, she decides to remain in one place hopeless but thank God for the passerby. The Little cat is rescued and now lives in Muyenga without any idea of how, when and why it happened. In an instance the passerby just picked her and enclosed her in a dark big vessel. Dawn finds her on the remains of meat and she doesn’t know whether to quit her fear or continue worrying.

Coincidentally, Jack found himself alone in the City after the calls to the person who promised him a job couldn’t get through. The beginning of Jack’s life in the City was a hope. He thought, “if I can just get someone to keep me for a night!” That’s the kind of life he hoped for. Like Jack, many find themselves in the city just because it’s the only place they could have their course attained and you were like, “let me just get done with this course and go back home;” very many people have different stories to tell about their existence in the City. Most of the people who are doing very well in the City ain’t City born. Some didn’t even come with the expectation of being well. They thought, “Let me give it a try.” “How have you come up with this growth and development?” Many always ask the little cats in the City and their response is unbelievable. Many to date don’t believe that Ham Kigundu started out as an ordinary second hand cloth hawker. The truth is, he was one but is no longer one. He’s also a little cat in the City.

Jeremiah 1:5a “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you…” God who created each one of us designed the beginning and the end of everyone. He designed everyone with potential to make a living and be a better person. The issue is that some people have chosen to believe the lie that you can’t be a better version of who you are. Maybe because of what you think of your personality and background. Dr. Miles Munroe in his book Discovering your potential, defines potential as a dormant ability which exists in every living person. Everybody created by God was created with potential and today a lot of potential is lying in graveyards around us. Just imagine what the world would be like if all people created on earth realized how much potential is embedded within: wouldn’t the world be a better place? No one was created to be enslaved by another and it is not written anywhere in the word of God that you should be. If you want to prove this, find out if there is anyone who desires to work for another person; not even one otherwise, we wouldn’t be having a good number of people resigning from their jobs every day in our world. At most workstations, the excitement an employee has in the first month can’t be the same they will have after two years. Man was created and wired with a kingly and rulership mandate that’s why he can’t completely determine himself to be subject to another man.

You are just a little cat in the city. You might have also found yourself where you are by either coincidence or metamorphosis. Just develop the mindset of the City just like the little cat who didn’t know the way back home. Assume there is no other home and ask your creator where to start. It won’t be long before you discover yourself in Muyenga. The end of your story doesn’t depend on how you were raised, where you come from, who knows you, but your mindset. If you believe by faith that everything is possible, you will also make it. The Kampala of 1962 ain’t the same now. Some little cats found themselves in the City and they have not only survived in the City but have contributed to the beauty we see in the City today. You can be the next Ham Kigundu to be written and talked about in the next decade.

There is no failure in faith.
Believe in yourself that you can.
Seek the kingdom of God first and his righteousness
These Riches will overflow.
Thank you for Reading

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Leah Grace Oketcho, is a highly talented Communication specialist, gifted in leadership with over 3 years of leadership and management experience at different levels. She is a team player and has demonstrated ability in mobilizing and organizing others to achieve desired goals. Oketcho is well vast in the art of creating alternatives for ways to get results. She has over the years grown in the art of corporate communications and also participated in the development of performance management materials for various professional institutions. Leah received training in research, scripting, international relations, and data analysis as well as public relations. She is passionate about solving public health related problems. She has offered training to youth in oral and written communication, people management and mentoring, editing and documentation skills, public speaking.


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