Writer: Innocent Jadwong

When Christ walked the earth, He reminded us that we are the light of the world. That a lamp is not hidden under the bowl but put on a stand. We are to let our light shine to give light to everybody. But we are always actively doing the opposite. Daily coming up with a plethora of ways to dim or even blow out our Godly given flames.

Hiding under the bowl has become the default setting for most of us. We have, from a young age, always known about our uniqueness. As Edgar Allan Poe wrote, ” From childhood’s hour, I (we) have not been as others were, I (we) have not seen as others saw”. Paul was right about fear being about punishment. We try and hide who we authentically are and work at fitting in because we fear being known and being rejected and disappointing the people, whose views and words mean the world to us. Belonging to a herd has its benefits. It would be a boring herd if we were all the same. So boring that even God knew that it wasn’t good for man to be alone – All in One.

The diversity is by design and not a flaw. Though we have one Master, one faith, one baptism, Paul reminds the Ephesian church, and us, that everything we are and think and do is permeated with Oneness.

But, that doesn’t mean we should all look and speak and act the same. Out of the generosity of Christ, each of us is given his own gift. (Ephesians 4:4-7 MSG)

God, in His infinite wisdom and eternity perspective, looked at the world and decided that you, yes, you reading this sentence, with your exact personality, fears, doubts, hopes, passions and emotions was what it needed and created You. So good, so very good, He exclaimed.

I know we have all believed in the lie that we have to be perfect, more times than we can count or even admit. But good is good enough with God in it. We don’t have to be perfect and have it all figured out. That position is already filled. All we need to do is celebrate our differences, one’s weakness is balanced out with another person’s strength.

Instead of hiding your light, be ODDinary and stand out and bless the world with your magic and flavour. ODDinary is exactly what the world needs and what makes it a better place to live in. Minimise on the comparison game and celebrate the differences that we all bring to the table. As we come together, as a body, each with their light, we shine brighter together than on our own. The brighter we shine, the more glory our Father gets and the brighter the world gets.

Innocent Jadwong
Leah Grace Oketcho, is a highly talented Communication specialist, gifted in leadership with over 3 years of leadership and management experience at different levels. She is a team player and has demonstrated ability in mobilizing and organizing others to achieve desired goals. Oketcho is well vast in the art of creating alternatives for ways to get results. She has over the years grown in the art of corporate communications and also participated in the development of performance management materials for various professional institutions. Leah received training in research, scripting, international relations, and data analysis as well as public relations. She is passionate about solving public health related problems. She has offered training to youth in oral and written communication, people management and mentoring, editing and documentation skills, public speaking.



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